Saturday, 23 August 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 127 & Athena Premium Throne

We'll start with the throne shall we?

This little beauty has been presented in the staff diary of Tamashii as the painted prototype of the throne which will be included with the Saint Cloth Myth Premium of Athena. It's quite a gorgeous little example of royal upholstery. If I compare that to Pope Arles' throne... well there's no comparison really ;)

Next we have this month's "Age of Myth" section of Figure Oh, which introduced detailed photos of the upcoming special edition of Pegasus Seiya Broken Version. It does promise to be a nice alternative of what we've had so far, now remember the magazine sells it for ¥5,000 (postage included) so if you see shops selling it for significantly more than that (I did, and won't say where), then be sure you're prepared to pay the extra money for something which a lot of people don't seem to show much interest in.

However, there's one little plus you can see if you look carefully, there will be an extra set of shoulder parts which are more damaged so you can choose your level of brokenness if you so desire ;)

This shows us that the head of Seiya Appendix will be adaptable on broken pegasus. Finally the extras included with Poseidon Royal Ornament Edition, which we saw previously from Saint Myth Chronicles are presented once more here.

Thanks to Sorrento for the images ;)

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