Monday, 22 September 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Appendix Series Volume 3 - Scorpio Milo and Aquarius Camus Prototypes

Whoah, look at that, at last some decent face for one of the most charismatic Gold saints: Aquarius Camus.

We'd already seen what the Appendix for Scorpion Milo would be as it's been available for all to see since the Tamashii Nations last March, but Camus was really up in the air. There was even speculation he may be released as a renegade. Clearly this won't be the case, and all the better as they've also made it in a position he can't actually take with just the myth cloth. That's very well thought of from Bandai and will definitely enrich our collections.

I can't see if those scans reveal a release dat. I would speculate for a March 09 release though as this would follow the pattern of the previous appendixes.

Thanks to Cybergundam for the photos

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