Thursday, 25 September 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Poseidon Box Art

Again seen on Daisuki-Kei's blog, here are hi res photos of the box art for Poseidon "Anime" edition and "Royal Ornament" editions.

I must admit, I find the back of the Royal Ornament Edition rather amusing. "An arrow shot upright falls on the shooter's head". Makes me feel like going, "well duh! it's like spitting in the wind...". More to the point, I know where they're trying to get at but something a little more poetic would have been better like "The arrow let loose will always return to archer", kinda like "an eye for an eye", "Karma ripens for those who sow it" etc... Anyway, photos:

Now, as luck would have it, he also included a very helpful photo of the inside of the boxes. Why helpful? Because I like to try and decipher the "Saint Myth Code" you find on the front of the boxes, and the inside inscriptions did help to solve the puzzle. Yep a simple front scan no longer helps, now you need the whole box apparently...

Now Bandai has been more and more crafty with their codes and I had a suspicion these would complete eachother and I think I was right.
So to cut things short, I'm fairly certain the code for Poseidon "Anime" is BLACK STAR COME (as it was for Kassa, I think) and for the Royal Ornament I'm pretty sure we have GEMINI AMIME (sic).
Which means, next year the second renegade to be released will be Gemini Saga. Hardly a surprise but there you go.
Of course I could very well be wrong and my interpretation not being quite as accurate as what I think but given the circumstances, that's the best I can offer. Feel free to suggest something else.

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