Friday, 24 October 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 12 & Figure Oh 129

This month's focus on the 2 major magazines promoting myth cloths are the upcoming appendix of Scorpion Milo, due in January, and Alioth Fenrir, due at the end of November.

I must say, the more I look at the photos of Milo's mask, the less I like it. It seems too big and rather squint. I'm hoping this will be corrected before it comes out but I'm not holding my breath. On the plus side note a much better Scarlet Needle nail on the hand provided, which I know is something the fans were hoping for.

Fenrir is as stated before, absolutely stunning. I do like little details such as the "fur" skirt made of flexible plastic to allow for a greater range of movements or hands designed to fit in the claw extension.

Thanks to Trevor for the scans

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