Saturday, 22 November 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 2009-01

The stars of this month's Hobby Japan Saint Cloth Mythology pages are first of all Aquarius Camus Appendix in colour and ready to blow your mind away. It's been years since the fans have been hoping for Camus to get a facelift from the terrible original version and now the wait is finally over.

Starting February 2009, and for a mere 2,310 yens, it could be yours. The pose of the Aurora Execution is also quite cleverly thought as the original myth cloth isn't built in such a way that you can do this position due to bits of cloth being in the way.

The second is Thanatos' twin brother, the God of Sleep Hypnos, which you can see if the last few episodes of the Hades Saga that came out recently. As you can also see, as a bonus they have added the little chest which Pandora opens as a child to free the souls of the twin brothers from the seal of Athena. This myth will set you back by 8,190 yens should you choose to order it. I've decided not to myself, simply because I'm lacking room and my interest for the Hades chapter is quite frankly dwindling away.

Thanks to Trevor for the scans :D

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