Tuesday, 18 November 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Pegasus God Cloth - Original Color Edition - more information

More information have been posted on the Tamashii webstore regarding their exclusive figurine Pegasus God Cloth, Original Color Edition.

This figuring is only going to be available through their online webstore and for a limited period only. Sale starts on the 25th November 2008 at 20:00 (presumably Tokyo time).

Retail price: 7,350 yen
Estimated delivery: End of March 2009 (there's a blooper on the page, it says 2008 ;))
Bonus contents: Sword of Hades with additional chest part to show the sword piercing through the cloth.

With shipping costs fixed at 525 yens, it's unclear whether this will be available for order from outside Japan. It might be that us gaijins have to wait until it appears at exhorbitant prices on eBay if we wish to acquire it... ah well.

Thanks to ycc999

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