Monday, 22 December 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 02-2009 Scorpion Milo, Capricorn Shura

Thanks to Trevor for those. A quick update to show what Milo looks like with the new parts added to the whole Myth Cloth, it's better with the mask when you look at an angle. 

Also a little comparaison between the "old" Capricorn Gold Saint Shura and the new Capricorn Surplice. It would seem they made the body slightly bigger for some reason, yet the olf mask looks rather big on the new face. Well at least it's somewhat compatible, with a system similar to Shaka's appendix known as the "giraffe neck", at least we hope it won't be the resulting effect otherwise it might look rather strange.

Finally notice a new photo for the "Original Color Edition" of Seiya God Cloth, with browner hair to reflect the colours used in the manga series.

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