Friday, 20 March 2009

[Lost Canvas] Anime Trailer

Well it's here. I've not investigated too thoroughly but I'm guessing it's currently on show at the Tokyo Toy Faire so if you're in Japan... ;)

Look at this animation! Even with the manner with which it's presented (a movie of something on screen, I mean) it's still obvious this is going to be miles ahead of the last 3 Meikai seasons by a long shot. In other words, why didn't these guys animate the Meikai?

I have a feeling we're underestimating the success that Lost Canvas is having in Japan if they can afford such a result for OVAs.

Little moment for me there, the scene where the cloths get put on is different from the original St Seiya anime but still it's really cool that they took the trouble to include this. I can't wait to watch this :D

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