Wednesday, 18 March 2009

[Movie] Cast out of control

Well you know a movie will be rubbish when one of its main characters is played by a porn star.

That's right, there's more cast listed on imdb and here are the names put forward for the new roles:

Ophiuchus Shaina: Ava Devine (I'll spare you a photo, if you feel like it, google her name, even with safe search on you'll see what I mean). Even better, just check her filmography on imdb, it's a disaster!

Hydra Ichi: Supla (as Juninho Papito) . Another Hispanic actor, no photo, no known movie, nothing to show for himself, not that Ichi is an important character but still.

Chameleon June: Janaina Lomboquente. No biographical info, first movie but then June doesn't make much of an appearance in Saint Seiya.

But perhaps not all hope is lost. The cast listing for Jabu has disappeared so it might reflect on the uncertainty with which they seem to be picking up their actors. Still so far this looks like it will be much worse than Dragon Ball Evolution :( Good thing it's just a direct to video release. With a bit of luck it'll only be available in dodgy retail stores on the back streets of Bangkok or something ;)

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