Sunday, 1 March 2009

[Movie] Saint Seiya movie casting updates

You may recall that I blogged some time ago about the upcoming "direct to video" Saint Seiya movie, which appeared out of nowhere on IMDB. Well after a curious glimpse at the page again, it turns out that some parts have been cast already. Let's review them:

First, Dohko: 

Randall Duk Kim (aka The Keymaker in Matrix Reloaded, he also has a part in DragonBall-Evolution)


David Walton (I have no idea who he is)


Nadia Bjorlin (I don't know her either but she does not look the part, I'm sorry)


Nick Cornish (he plays in "Confessions of a shopoholic" ... if I spelt that right, not my kind of movie)


Steve Byers (this guy I could buy)

Now you may wonder what's with the secondary bronze saints, well apparently the story will focus around the Galaxian Wars, the first opus of the manga series. So if you were dreaming of a wyvern surplice live on screen, I'm afraid you'll have to wait if this thing even sells any copies.

Here's the synopsis posted on IMDB:
As the world faces a dark period of violent killings, hatred between human beings, civil wars, destruction and madness, an healthy old man travels the world seeking 10 infants fated to be defenders of Goddess Athena's reincarnation on earth. These heroes, protected by the constellation they were born under, will train to conquer their Star Cloths and together defend Athena from the upcoming evil forces leaded by renegade warrior Gemini.
So the game is on. I can't wait to see who will play Shiryu personally.

Actually, my biggest worry is that if the plot does include Saga and his evil plan to destroy Athena, we're talking about the first 13 volumes of the manga, or worse, the first 73 episodes of the animated series. That's a lot of plot to condense (granted, there's a lot of filler sub-plots in the anime which are easily discarded). Therefore, I fear the silver saints will probably go down the drain of will be incidental at best. On the other hand, if it's a video release, what's stopping them from making it 3 to 4 hours long? You never know, it could happen

Yeah right... stay tuned ;)

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