Wednesday, 25 March 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tamashii Nations 2009 - First Exclusive Previews

Well there we have it, surprises like you weren't even hoping to expect... and I have a feeling this is just a taster of more surprises to come.

First of all, Andromeda God Cloth. 

I don't collect those myself as, well, I don't have space and my interest for the Hades Chapter is waning but I think it's fair to say it's up to people's expectations. The lighting makes it hard to see if it has a pink tincture or if it's an "original colour" edition.

Gamma Star - Thor of Phecda

Now this is a biggie... umm, no pun intended. The expectations on this guy is its size. In the anime he's easily 3m tall (about 9 ft) but in terms of having him fit with the rest of the God Warriors, it may mean making a compromise of making him taller than the rest but not as tall as he should be. Without a regular myth cloth next to him, it's hard to tell what size they've given him. We'll have to wait and see. Other than that, the design is spot on!

Edit: Here's a wider shot with a coloured Alberich in the background, if you look at the labels next to each figure you can get some idea of the size... looks good to me :)

Polaris Hilda

Yep, some people are calling for her to be the next premium figure to be released by Bandai and it looks like they've not forgotten to implement her. How soon we can expect her on the shelves is unknown just yet but watch this space.
So far it looks like the designs kick started by Saori for female bodies are bearing their fruits and we may start seeing more female characters such as Shaina, Marin, June or Tethys.

Thanks go to (slight under 18 warning for the link here) and of course when more come our way I shall let you guys know ;) 

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