Tuesday, 26 May 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 136 + Hobby Japan 09-07 High Res Scans

Here's more photos of Andromeda God Cloth. You'll note that they seem to have completely done away with hinges to fix the plastron onto the chest which gives a much slimmer figure the same way they've done for appendixes. It makes me wonder if they've moved to PVC or if they've succeded in using this system with metal.

Interesting photos of Alberich as well, it seems they've tried to add extra pieces for extra mobility in order to increase the range of movements you can put him in.

Finally, take note that Gamma star Phecda Thor will be out in September for the RRP of 8,400. That's quite a bit of money but if you consider the size, it's not exactly unjustified. Speaking of size, the indications of 17cm are wrong unless we were all victims of some kind of optical illusions with the Tamashii Nations photos.

Thanks to Yodin from ma-deesse and whoever else he got those from ;)

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