Tuesday, 2 June 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Gamma Star Thor of Phecda - due September 2009

Here it is, the tallest myth cloth you'll ever see on the shelves. There was a pre-announce a few days ago in Figure Oh or Hobby Japan, I froget which, but we now have more details:

Size: 24cm, which is about 6cm taller than your average myth cloth. I was expecting something closer to 30cms but that's still quite big!

Release date: end of September 2009

RRP: ¥8,400 (~£53,40 / ~€61.70 / ~$87.80)

Included are both axes (aka 'mjollnir hammers'), though they're a slightly different design from the original, I suspect that's to make it easier to have him wear them on his sides as shown on the prototype

Thanks Cybergundam

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