Wednesday, 24 June 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 08-09 Andromeda God Cloth

We continue this month's set of photos with a change of focus from Hobby Japan on Andromeda God cloth. Not much to say there that hasn't been said before. It seems he's grown quite a bit between the Underworld and Elysion, I dunno, maybe the outside dimension was a bit of a stretch...

Anyhow, this page is a bit more interesting. We finally have comparative views between Thor and another God Warrior (Fenrir in this case), and though he sits on a display stand, the size is pretty much bang on what I thought, that is with his waist at the level of the shoulders of another average-sized character.

Finally another CAD drawing of Kagaho (well the same as Figure Oh really) and if we're to believe Trevor (who kindly provided those scans), this will be released in November '09 for the modest price of ¥6,825. If it's still at the computer design stage, it's hard to believe it's due to release so soon, especially when other key Saint Seiya characters are yet to be released.

Anyway, thanks to Trevor again.

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