Thursday, 1 October 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn - Exclusive Figures!!

The Autumn Tamashii Nation 2009 will open to the public on Saturday but as always it opens a few days earlier for press visitors and as a result, we get exclusive shots of what is being presented there and it seems at last they have started to look back at the early days of the series with, the Silver Saints, the First Cloths and the Black Cloths. Check it out:

Lizard Misty:

Perseus Algol:

Those two aren't terribly surprising, as they're the few silver saints to have been released in the old Die Cast format a few years ago before that format got discontinued by Bandai but hopefully this promises a line of all the Silver saints in the years to come.

Dragon Shiryu God Cloth:

The exclusivity here is the presentation of the Dragon Object form. Unfortunately, the angle at which the picture was taken doesn't help to see how well proportioned it is, so we'll have to wait for more shots ;)

Pegasus Seiya First Cloth + Black Pegasus

Again, I wish I was surprised to see Black Pegasus presented along Pegasus First Cloth which was revealed a few days ago but it's a bit like when they presented Alcor Bud at the first Tamashii Nation, it doesn't mean it'll be released anytime soon.

In fact there's no saying any of those will be released anytime soon, remember the exclusive figures we were shown at the first Tamashii Nation and how many of them have now been released? But still, we now know that some series are being worked on, so keep your eyes open ;)

Edit: Here are some more from a different source

Seiya with Odin God Robe

Alcor Bud + Cancer Deathmask Surplice

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 140, lots of News

Hey folks, I haven't updated this for a while, sorry about that, but to compensate here are some pretty exciting news for you myth cloth-wise ;)

With the 2009 planning being set, we're now moving onto the 2010 releases and many of those will certainly be shown at the Tamashii Nations exhibit in a couple of weeks. So what's in store? Well for this year we have Phecda Thor released today, next month it's a whole bunch of Tamashii Nations specials, the OCE appendixes of Shaka and Milo, the first 3 gold pandora's boxes with Old Dohko and Pegasus Seiya Final Cloth OCE. In November we have Benu Kagaho and December Odin God Robe.

In January, it seems like it's not 1 but 2 new releases:
- Cancer Deathmask Surplice
- Zeta Prime star Alcor Bud

You can see pictures of them below, though Bud doesn't look like he's changed much since he was first present at the first Tamashii Nations (in other words, the Odin Sapphire is still there, and it shouldn't be but it's ok I suppose, after all Thor's Mjöllnir Hammers aren't quite right either)

The other "prototypes" (they look quite complete to me) presented below are:
- Dragon Shiryu God Cloth
- Pegasus Seiya First Cloth (anime version)... you know the one the majority of people have been wanting for years!!

It certainly looks pretty exciting for 2010

Thanks Cybergundam ;)

Friday, 31 July 2009

[Lost Canvas] OVA Trailer 4

Here's the new trailer for the next set of DVDs out on 21st August posted by TMS Anime, complete with Minos, Yuzuria and the old Jamir master among others ;)

Monday, 27 July 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Gamma Star - Phecda Thor Tamashii Photos

Tamashii photos are out. A little flashy but then we're used to that with Tamashii studios ;)

Thanks Sorrento ;)

Friday, 24 July 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 9 - Figure Oh 138 - Exclusive News!!

I know I'm a little late in the bandwagon for posting this but bear with me because rather than posting blurry small pictures, I was waiting for the high res scans of these to really appreciate what it offers, and I'm hoping you won't be disappointed guys. Thanks immensely to Trevor for providing those scans :D

So as you can see the major feature in both magazines is Gamma star, Phecda Thor, the giant of the north and what a giant. We've been shown prototypes of various sorts with uncertain ideas of its actual size. Now we have a full scale colour photo complete with facial features and size comparaisons.

In terms of size, what we can expect is just under twice the size of an average myth, which will make it truly impressive indeed! If you have a diorama to display it in, keep him on the lowest level ;)

This latest Hobby Japan comes with a few rather important announcements as well. First of them is the 3D graphic announcing the release of Odin's God Robe. While this is not a surprise so much since the name was included with the labels in the Display Stands C, it's still nice to see that its release is rather imminent. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was going to be released for December as we know Kagaho comes out in November and nothing's scheduled for October but we already have a prototype for Kagaho as you can see below.

Next to be announced is the release of the 12 Gold Saints Pandora's boxes, made of metal (die cast as they call it) and apparently divided in 4 sets of 3 starting with Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Whether Roshi Dohko is included in the first set is not really clear but it would be a nice thought to have the first set with Dohko, the second with, say, Kiki, and then all bets are open for sets 3 and 4. Now I'm speculating here so don't go spreading roumors. Though if someone reads Japanese better than I do, a clarification on the inclusion of Dohko with the set would be appreciated.

The little window about the Upcoming October Tamashii Nations is rather interesting. Whilst we already knew about Pegasus Final Cloth OCE, there will be other St Seiya goodies as well. The first two are Appendix Milo and Appendix Shaka both OCE. You may be wondering what this means exactly, well in the manga, Milo actually has blonde hair so that'll be that, but then, so does Shaka, just like in the anime. We know from previous releases (Poseidon, Seiya God Cloth, Appendix Saga...) that OCE merely means recolouring of the cloth or the body to match the covers of the manga. So what it'll mean for Shaka is a mystery. We also have a new set of clear yellow / golden display stands appropriately lettered 'D' which were first visible at the first Tamashii Nations if you recall the exhibit on the Gold Bronze saints Reborn cloth with the Libra weapons. I'll be interested to see the labels on that one. Finally it seems visitors to the Exhibit will be given little Pegasus Objects as a token. Got one of those with my Seiya Plain Cloth, they're not much to awe about ;)

Now Figure Oh pretty much has the same announcements (though they seem to have missed Odon for some reason). Only one bit in there leads me to believe that the Gold Saint Pandora set (with Dohko?) will be only available through the Tamashii web store in the same way Seiya God Cloth OPE was. That means it'll be quite pricy for anyone trying to get it outside Japan.

I'll leave you to admire the Asgardian Giant. Thanks again to Trevor for the scans ;)