Thursday, 1 October 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn - Exclusive Figures!!

The Autumn Tamashii Nation 2009 will open to the public on Saturday but as always it opens a few days earlier for press visitors and as a result, we get exclusive shots of what is being presented there and it seems at last they have started to look back at the early days of the series with, the Silver Saints, the First Cloths and the Black Cloths. Check it out:

Lizard Misty:

Perseus Algol:

Those two aren't terribly surprising, as they're the few silver saints to have been released in the old Die Cast format a few years ago before that format got discontinued by Bandai but hopefully this promises a line of all the Silver saints in the years to come.

Dragon Shiryu God Cloth:

The exclusivity here is the presentation of the Dragon Object form. Unfortunately, the angle at which the picture was taken doesn't help to see how well proportioned it is, so we'll have to wait for more shots ;)

Pegasus Seiya First Cloth + Black Pegasus

Again, I wish I was surprised to see Black Pegasus presented along Pegasus First Cloth which was revealed a few days ago but it's a bit like when they presented Alcor Bud at the first Tamashii Nation, it doesn't mean it'll be released anytime soon.

In fact there's no saying any of those will be released anytime soon, remember the exclusive figures we were shown at the first Tamashii Nation and how many of them have now been released? But still, we now know that some series are being worked on, so keep your eyes open ;)

Edit: Here are some more from a different source

Seiya with Odin God Robe

Alcor Bud + Cancer Deathmask Surplice

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